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This old topic is STILL going around and panicking some people on social media:
“Sharia Law is sure to be enacted on American soil!”


Did you not see where millions – LITERALLY MILLIONS – of women in America and around the globe DEMONSTRATED in protest of Presidential misconduct while wearing symbolic #PINK VAGINAS on their heads?

(Perhaps, you were one of those folks who even said that those losers ought to shut up and go home and cash their welfare check. <or some facsimile thereof).

Does ANYONE truly entertain the notion that THOSE women are going to go quietly under the burkha? REALLY?

Meanwhile, the chief executive has issued a dress code for all of his key personnel. Let’s be real: MOST corporations have such standards. It is the primary reason that blue collar workers wear uniforms. Standards.

Yet! There has been this INCREDIBLE upheaval over the directive that ‘the girls in the Oval Office must wear skirts’ (just like at my old high school – in a time far, far distant).

Granted, the delivery and terminology were ridiculous, and one might expect those who have risen to such professional heights as to serve in the White House, would already know how to dress appropriately. That’s just the delivery style that we are all apparently going to have to get used to, for a while.

Seriously, People: Do you honestly believe that the hundreds of thousands voicing disapproval of this relatively benign directive are going to happily don the hijab and quietly surrender their driver’s licenses?

A ONE-DAY Labor Strike by working women would shut this nation down quicker than an EMP.

(And I haven’t even mentioned the PORK and SEAFOOD industries; not to mention ALCOHOL PRODUCERS.)

I just wouldn’t worry about this one, if I were you. We’ve got this.


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